Break Down Data Silos

Remove unnecessary steps to access your data by using Toric's data-connectors. Bring together data from finance, project, e-commerce and CAD/BIM into one place.

Automatic Versioning

Toric keeps snapshots of your data sources for quick access to previous versions. It's like a supercharged ETL, but you don't have to build it yourself.

Data Inferencing

Smart inferencing enriches and normalizes your input data with units, quantities, dates, localized currencies.

Continous Syncing

Get your data updated with the press of a button, get notified on data changes in your sources, and re-run all of your workflows automatically.


Ready to use connectors with zero downtime.

What You Can Do In Toric

Toric enables your team to collect data from multiple sources and leverage a single pipeline for data analysis. Work with Databases, BIM files, spreadsheets and more ‚Äď all in one place.

  • Data integration
  • Easy visualizations
  • Quick sharing
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