Turn Messy Data Into Clean Insights

The easy-to-use platform that is transforming the way data and insights are created.

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AecomPrometheusLemaySuffolkCommodore BuilderArchitectusDBA
AecomPrometheusLemaySuffolkCommodore BuilderArchitectusDBA

All of the Data, None of the Coding

Turn data into insights without building complex infrastructure.

The Construction Analytics Platform

Deliver more accurate bids, track your progress, and improve digital delivery by leveraging all of your past project data.

  • Integrate Procore, Autodesk, spreadsheets and ERP systems.
  • Analytics-driven estimation and progress tracking.
  • Leverage historical data for data apps.
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Build an Analytics Model of Your BIM Design Process

Tap into your BIM Models and other rich data sources to support data-centric design review, QA, quantification, change management, and more.

  • Perform continuous model auditing
  • Track design to project requirements
  • Create data apps to wow customers
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Increase Transparency with Accurate Data

Bring data-analytics power to systems. Toric understands MEP, structural systems.

  • Track key building metrics during design evolution
  • Integrate and compare bids against design
  • Complete data lifecycle for digital twin
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Build Internal data solutions, fast

Enable data-citizens within the enterprise without sacrificing centralization and security.

  • Connect to Databases, Warehouses, and SaaS stack
  • Avoid building costly IT infra and empower users
  • Centralize data & keep control
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Drive growth with data

Keep everyone focused with analytics data-apps that run against your sales, marketing and development teams.

  • Stop re-building the same thing over and over with spreadsheets.
  • Focus the team on the right things. Let the data tell the story.
  • Keep a live view of sales pipeline, marketing and development effort.
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BI, without the code.

Focus on the insights by leveraging a flexible data-pipeline that adapts to your needs.

  • Ingest data from SaaS including Hubspot and Salesforce.
  • Build realtime data-apps to gain actionable insights.
  • Increase visibility of data in realtime.
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Make Your Data An Asset, Not An Engineering Challenge

20+ Data Connectors

Connect databases, SaaS services, CAD/BIM models, JSON, and CSVs files in one place for easy analysis.

  • Automatic data inferencing and normalization.
  • Source data versioning.
  • Custom connectors.
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100+ Data

Work at the speed of thought using Toric dataflows.

Create complete data-pipelines using Toric's visual editor.

  • Powerful transformations and queries without code.
  • Realtime dataflows editing and exploration.
  • Visual debugging of data transformations.
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Easy Data Apps for All

Build & share dashboards, reports, data-capture forms, and more.

  • Blend visualizations, data and reports.
  • Custom data-app layouts, dashboards and reports.
  • Interactive controls, drill through and highlighting.
  • Accessible from any device & iOS App.
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Automate & Reuse

Repeatability is at the core of Toric's data engine. Your data flows can react to data changes and keep things going.

  • Time based automations.
  • Re-run dataflows on data changes.
  • Components for easy sharing of logic blocks.

How Toric Works

1. Create a Dataflow from this template

Start from a template data-app, or start from scratch with a blank data flow.

2. Connect Data and Customize

Replace the existing source with your own, or customize it to your needs.

3. Share as a Data App

Give access to the app by creating a shared view link. Use the iOS app for a great mobile experience.

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”Toric has enabled us to aggregate business data, project data, and even open source data sources all in a central location.”

Steve Fox
Ben May
Building + Places Digital Transformation Director

”Toric brings data management to the everyday user, we’re excited about their innovative approach to leverage data-flows more efficiently.”

Turn Messy Data into Clean Insights

Talk to our team to learn how Toric is transforming data analysis.

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“We’re always exploring better ways to handle data and feed insights to our teams. Toric has enabled us to aggregate business data, project data, and even opensource data sources all in a central location.”

Steve Fox

Steve Fox


‘The AEC industry has been in desperate need of well built data interoperability platforms for many years now. From the moment I was first shown Toric, I could see deep potential in the platform. Their platform integration coverage and developer tools look bar second to none - I cannot wait to see Toric take the industry by storm!’

Gavin Crump

Gavin Crump

We found the Toric platform to be a completely new way of seeing data. It’s like having a dynamic table. The way to build (data) workflows is visual, which is a way more intuitive approach than a simple spreadsheet with complex hidden formulas.

Jean-François Lefebvre

Jean-François Lefebvre

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