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Harness the power of all your construction data. Turn data into insights faster. Make smarter decisions in real-time. Voilà!
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Toric is the fastest way to turn data into insights, all in one workspace.
We connect all of your data sources for analytics. This gives you real-time dashboards and reports, and allows you to manage your end-to-end data pipeline without writing any code.

We connect to all your data sources and services.

50+ Sources

Access all your data sources like Design (VDC-BIM) data, Safety data, Scheduling data, Estimating data, Bidding data, Supervising data, Engineering data, Procurement data, and Finance data.

CSV, JSON, Excel, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and IFC Model Files

Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Revit, Oracle P6, and SAP + many more.

15+ Destinations

We support your existing data services and processes with push and pull workflows into existing BI tooling or data lakes and warehouses.

Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google Looker, Microsoft Excel

Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage

Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery

Construction data can be very messy and complex. We chose Toric over having to build a complex software stack on our own. With this approach, we can leverage a self-serve product that grows with our needs. Our data team was able to quickly run an analysis on data coming from various sources in a few days after starting to use the product. Toric also gives us portability to own our data over different systems.

Raj Patel - Testimonial

Raj Patel
VP of Enterprise Technology at HITT Contracting


Data Integration
Harness all of your data for better insights.

Save time gathering and combining data with 50+ connectors and automated dataflows, so no data gets left behind.

  • Leverage automated dataflows to extract and load data from disparate sources.

  • Access data with numerous data replication methods, and real-time data ingestion.

  • Trigger data refreshes in near real-time intervals for the most up-to-date insights.


Data Operations
Easily operate your data pipeline with no coding.

Get data analytics-ready faster with no coding and streamline activities using workflow automations.

  • Use AI-based data processing to improve data quality for better analysis.

  • Leverage 100+ data transformations without needing to code or know SQL.

  • Push up-to-date analytics-ready data to your desired destinations.


Data Visualization
Make smarter decisions with real-time insights.

Use Interactive visuals to derive real-time insights with a unified view of metrics for your projects and business.

  • Leverage interactive visuals for everyone to derive real-time insights.

  • Share customizable dashboards and reports to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Embed unified business metrics bidirectionally into your processes and applications.

How Suffolk Construction Leverages Procore Data in Real-Time with Toric

"Having real-time data from Toric is allowing both our internal and external stakeholders to see their data updating live, which they are extremely excited about. In addition, the Toric tool has a great user experience and is an excellent addition to my engineering workflow."

Amanda Moulaison, Data Engineer at Suffolk Construction

Amanda Moulaison, Data Engineer at Suffolk Construction

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Suffolk is prioritizing data and analytics at the forefront of our growth strategy. As our CEO, John Fish says, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

As we continue to grow and expand our data strategy, we are always looking for the top technology and partners to level us up. We quickly identified Toric as a perfect fit for us to help with our raw data ingestion. Before Toric, we could only retrieve Procore data at eight-hour intervals, which greatly delayed our data reporting. With Toric, we can extract Procore data and even compare the differences between data sets in minutes to effectively get real-time updates anytime there is a project change.