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Back up all your construction data. Then put AI to work.

Toric gives you the power to:

  • Harness all your project data.

  • Turn data into insights faster.

  • Make smarter decisions in real-time.

Trusted By leading construction companies

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“Since using Toric, we’ve seen faster reports with full granular detail. We’re able to validate and provide better accuracy for quantity take-off. We’re able to reduce labor for any project change.”

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Amanda Finnerty

Director of Internal Operations

“Having real-time data from Toric is allowing both our internal and external stakeholders to see their data updating live, which they are extremely excited about. In addition, the Toric tool has a great user experience and is an excellent addition to my engineering workflow.”

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Amanda Moulaison

Data Engineer

“Toric allows us to create a detailed view of our assets and automatically generate invoices that I can easily download in seconds. Getting an invoice into an owner's hands - a process that used to take me 40 ho urs a week - now takes me less than ten minutes to accomplish.”

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Lorena Lucas

Asset Operations Manager

"Toric was crucial for a major initiative from our leadership team. It significantly sped up our processes and eliminated the need to hire additional staff to work with Procore's APIs. Without Toric, managing the vast amount of daily information would have been nearly impossible, especially at our scale."

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Emily Boyes

Data Scientist

“Toric enables us to gather, report, and analyze data from active projects, improve communication, streamline operations, and make better decisions. Toric is helping us to create a data-driven framework for decision-making based on past projects and assets.”

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Ricky Holak

Director of Construction

How Toric Works

Toric is dedicated to simplifying the process of aggregating data from various sources into a single location, eliminating the need for custom integrations and data pipelines.

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Connect to 100+ Tools

Access all your data sources like Design (VDC-BIM) data, Safety data, Scheduling data, Estimating data, Bidding data, Supervising data, Engineering data, Procurement data, and Finance data.

We support your existing data services and processes with push and pull workflows into existing BI tooling or data lakes and warehouses.

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