Data Analytics for the Built World

Toric is the workspace for all your construction data, from design to build. Accurately estimate, bid, win and run projects on time all without going over budget.

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  • 100+ data transformation tools
  • Start from Data Apps
  • Build smart models
Easy Sharing
  • Customize reports
  • Interactive data apps
  • View on desktop and mobile
Automate Your Processes
  • React to data changes
  • Trigger emails upon changes
  • Automate everything
Powerful Data Sources
  • Combine your data sources
  • Automatic data versioning
  • Real-time data ingestion

Trusted by Industry Leaders

”Toric brings data management to the everyday user, we’re excited about their innovative approach to leverage data-flows more efficiently.”
Ben May
Buildings + Places’ Digital Transformation Director

Blend engineering, scheduling and finance data

Toric enables your team to collect data from multiple sources and leverage a single pipeline for data analysis. Work with PDFs, Excel Files, CAD files, images, databases, and more all in one place.

Toric supports all Autodesk® Revit® families, Generic Models, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Revit, Excel, views and more. Each month we explore new partnerships via API and plugins to your organizations favorite tools.

Effortless Data Enrichment

Consume your existing, incomplete data from one source and join it with other sources to gain a full 360-degree view of your projects.

Filter through 3D objects in your model directly in Toric and create an instantaneous interactive dashboard for your BIM data. You can also automate your dataflow to distribute a report when models are updated.

Easy Yet Powerful Data Visualizations

Your data visualizations start with your data enrichment process, saving you valuable time.  Collaboration has never been easier.  With Toric you can share specific views to one or multiple decision makers.

Gone are the long hours of making report changes - Save time by simply updating the source data and let your Dataflows update all your reports instantly. WIth smart documents and our Data Apps, your team has more flexibility to get answers and explore data within reports.

Eliminate Costly Errors and Rework

Copying data manually is a major source of errors which can cause project delays and add significantly to cost, nevermind the amount of time it takes to keep copying data over with every project change.

Leveraging our integrations means you can have your interactive dashboards automatically updated when you save changes to your project in your data source.

By utilizing Toric’s Data Apps or creating your own, you have the ability to easily use the same process for your next project, without having to spend time and resources on starting from scratch.

Get the Most Out of Your Data

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