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Oracle Aconex

Last updated on
January 31, 2024

Manage end-to-end processes and eliminate barriers to collaboration with Oracle Aconex. Connect teams and processes across the entire project lifecycle and capture a complete project record—all on one platform. Backed by an unalterable audit trail that minimizes disputes, Aconex helps you keep projects on track for successful delivery and completion.

Aconex provides you with the following features:

  • Eliminate barriers to collaboration
  • Highly flexible process management engine
  • Unalterable audit trail
  • A true common data environment
  • A complete design-build solution

Data Access

View Mail SchemaNo permissions required
List Mail• Not every field may be used in the specified project. It is recommended that the user retrieve the mail schema beforehand to obtain the list of active fields, prior to constructing a search request. • The service will not find mail items that are both marked as "Confidential" and where the authorizing user is not a recipient (or the sender for sent mails) or does not have the secured asset to view all organization mail.
Mail Last UpdatedThe authorizing user must have permission to search organization mail to view all mail for an organization. If this is not the case, only the users specific mail will be returned.
View Custom Fields SchemaThe request will fail if the authorizing user has no access to the specified project.
View Mail Metadata The service will not return metadata if the specified mail item is both marked as "Confidential" and where the authorizing user is not a recipient (or the sender for sent mails) or does not have the secured asset to view all organization mails.
List Projects for UserThe authorizing user must be associated with at least one project.
Task CountNo permissions required
Task List No permissions requiredPulls up to 25 pages per call
ProjectsNo permissions required
Project IDNo permissions required

Constraints: On most Mail endpoints the request will fail if the specified project is in any of the following states:

  • De-activated, Disconnected
  • The request will also fail if the authorizing user does not have access to the specified project.
  • The service cannot search multiple mailboxes at the same time

Don't see the endpoints you are looking for? We're always happy to make new endpoints available. Request an endpoint here!

Configuration guide

Setup time: 1 minute


  • Oracle Aconex subscription
  • Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
  • Toric account

1. Navigate to the Connectors

To find connectors in Toric, you must be signed in to your account. On the left side panel of your Workflow, click on "Integrations".

2. Select the Oracle Aconex Connector

Navigate to the ‘Construction & BIM’ header and under Oracle Aconex, click on Setup Integration.

3. Click on Create a Connection

4. Fill in your Box credentials

Access Aconex either through OAuth Login or your User Account.

For the OAuth Login, enter the follow required fields:

  • Connector Name
  • Hostname
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

After entering these fields, click on Login to Oracle Aconex. You can also enter the Aconex Field APIs.

For the User Account setup, enter the following fields:

  • Connector Name (required)
  • Hostname (required)
  • Username (required)
  • Password (required)
  • Aconex Field API Key (optional)

5. Click on Validate Configuration

Now that you have all Configuration details filled in, click on Validate Configuration.

If the information entered is valid, a Validation Successful message will appear.

- Invalid fields will be highlighted in red and a successful validation will show in green.

6. Click “Add Configuration” to finalize your configuration


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