Data Integration

Harness the power of all your construction data.

Stop wasting time gathering data from disparate sources. Toric does it for you in minutes, so you can start getting insights fast.

why toric

Continuously Integrate Data-sources

Toric integrates with your existing Data Lake or Data Warehouse, providing an environment to setup data-prep, cleanup and augmentation.

  • Use Toric to extract data from your sources.

  • Build data-flows to clean-up and organize data.

  • Build a data warehouse or data lake in Toric, or send data from Toric to your favorite data-warehouse or data-lake.


Toric Automations make it easy to a time based, or change based trigger to extract data from your sources.

Data prep and cleanup

Using Toric dataflows you are free to design the data pipeline of your dreams, without writing a single line of code.

  • Enrich data from multiple sources

  • Compute differences between previous runs

  • Clean up and normalize names


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Built-in integrations ready to go –so you don't have to start from scratch.

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