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Push your Revit model data (ie. Doors, Windows, Floors, Curtain Walls and more) and instantly transform and visualize object data.

Key Benefits of Analyzing Revit Data in Toric

  1. Access your Dataflows from your browser in our cloud based software.
  2. Cleanup and transform your BIM data in a non-destructive way.
  3. Reuse your data transformations for new versions and projects with reusable Dataflows.
  4. Create interactive dashboards or "Data Apps" using your Revit data.
  5. Blend your BIM data with other sources with a few clicks.
  6. Export your transformed BIM data to use with other programs.

What is Autodesk Revit?

Autodesk Revit is a is desktop tool used by architects and engineers to design and analyze Building Information Models.

How to connect to Autodesk Revit from Toric

It's easy to connect to your BIM data in Toric; follow the steps on how to How To Use The Toric Plugin.

What the Autodesk Revit integration looks like in Toric?

Push endless versions of data and track model changes over time. With Toric's Data Integrity, you always have access to previous versions of data and your reports are always running with the latest version.

Choose to send 3D data and drill through your model by Element Type, Family Type, or some new field like Status that you create. Your data consumers will love the ability to filter through the model in a report or dashboard that you share with them.

Have schedules in Revit that you want to analyze further? No problem, push them to Toric and quickly group, sort or summarize the tables. Build your dataflow once and keep leveraging the power of Toric to recalculate every time you send new model data.

Build reports and dashboards using a variety of visualizations (ie. Pie Charts, Line Charts, and much more). For example, plot a line chart that shows the change in the number of doors from one version to the next, or the change in concrete volume over time. Add text to contextualize your data visualizations and better communicate your analysis to project stakeholders.

Share your report or dashboard within Toric to your colleagues and superiors, or generate and embeddable link to place back into BIM360, Procore or any other tool you use to manage your projects.

Explore this Data App template to quickly query a Structural Revit model. Select elements using the dropdown or clicking on charts to drill through data. Use this template and plug in your Revit data for inspection.

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3D View
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Push your Revit model data (ie. Doors, Windows, Floors, Curtain Walls and more) and instantly transform and visualize object data.



Architecture & Engineering

Owner & Operators


  • Toric Subscription
  • Revit Subscription
  • Toric plugin for Revit
  • Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

Supported Revit Version

  • Revit 2023
  • Revit 2022
  • Revit 2021
  • Revit 2020
  • Revit 2019

Data Access

  • Architecture
  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Sub-Elements
  • Massing and Site
  • Spaces
  • Material
  • Project Info
  • Warnings
  • Annotations
  • Views
  • Schedules
  • Generic Models