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Read and Write CSV files in Toric.

Key Benefits of Analyzing CSV Data in Toric

  1. Access your dataflows from your browser in our cloud based software.
  2. Cleanup and transform your data in a non-destructive way
  3. Reuse your data transformations for new versions and projects with reusable dataflows.
  4. Create interactive dashboards or "Data Apps" using your CSV data.
  5. Blend your CSV data with other sources with a few clicks.
  6. Export your transformed CSV file to use with other programs.

How to Build a Data App from CSV Data

With your data now transformed, check out the video below to see how easy and quick it is to build a report and connect Excel data. Note that is the same process for any data in Toric.

How to Import a CSV to Toric

It's simple to connect or import your CSV data:

  • Use the Get Data button to select a CSV file from your computer
  • Select a file, click open or drag and drop your file directly into a dataflow

Adding a CSV file from the Sources tab of a project

How to Export CSV from Toric

Once data is transformed, use the Export node to create a new Excel or CSV file. If databases are your thing, you could export to Amazon S3, or your could 'Save As Source' in Toric.

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  • Toric Subscription
  • Access to local computer files (One Drive and Google Drive shortcuts also supported)
  • Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge)


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