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Pull data into Toric from your existing MS SQL database.

What is Microsoft SQL?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. Organizations use MS SQL to store and query information about their business operations; from inventory to sales, and beyond.

Configure MS SQL in Toric

Setup time: 45 seconds

Depending on cloud infrastructure you may use an API gateway from one of the cloud providers to proxy the traffic to the internal MSSQL server.  

Alternatively, if self hosted, you can forward the traffic, remapping the port (as policy dictates) filtering traffic by Toric's static IPs - Toric IP Addresses.

Login to Toric and follow these steps to setup a MS SQL Server connector:

1. Navigate to the Integrations page and look for the MS SQL connector. 

2. Now it’s time to start setting the integration up. Click on “Setup Integration.”

3. Click “ Create a Connection” 

4. Now it is time to enter the configuration information required for the connection.

This step is used to connect to the MS SQL Database of your desire. Make sure you're using the correct MS SQL Server information. If you do not have such information, please reach out to your team. 

1. Enter Configuration Name
- This is nothing but the name you want to provide to this configuration
2. Enter Host
3. Enter Port
4. Enter Database
5. Enter Username
6. Enter Password

5. Click “Validate Configuration” to make sure all fields are completed correctly. 

6. If the information entered is valid, a “Validation Successful” message will appear.
- Invalid fields will be highlighted in red and a successful validation will show in green. 

7. Click “Add Configuration” to finalize your configuration

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Pull data into Toric from your existing MS SQL database.



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