AI Copilot Built for Your Data

Experience the convenience of Toric's revolutionary AI Copilot designed for seamless dataset creation

AI Copilot for Datasets

Get exclusive early access and transform from being a data movement and ingestion platform to becoming an AI-powered copilot for all your data.

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1. Fix & Enrich

Clean up and enrich your data automatically. Automate away all the busywork and unnecessary complexities of managing massive amounts of messy data.

2. Chat

Get answers from your data in seconds. Ask any question about your project’s documents (RFIs, submittals, contracts, change orders, drawings, and more).

3. Generate

Create summaries and visualizations. Put AI to work to sift through all the noise and create impressive responses, summaries and visualizations around teams, projects or anything else.

LLM Models

Work with any LLM Model

LLM Models

Data prep for AI is messy. It doesn't have to be.

From messy data to clean datasets for RAG or LLM fine-tuning.
DataGrid is the fastest way to build datasets for AI with AI.