Tell Stories With Data Apps

Delivering an actual data solution, instead of static dashboards.

Live Data

Build realtime visualizations that are directly linked to the data – all the way to the source.


Deep embedding of data-apps with your internal tools and experiences.


Control everything using dropdown, slider, cross highlighting, text variables and a lot more.

iOS App

Data apps become beautiful experiences on iOS ecosystem, natively.

You have the data, now it's time to make the experience

Build specialized views to your data, controlling what stakeholders can see and do.

Rich Tables

Fast, responsive, and adaptable.

  • Navigate millions of records in realtime without lag.

  • Rich data types (lists, units, currencies).

  • Aggregations, grouping and summaries.


Charts that are easy yet powerful.

  • Line chart

  • Bar charts

  • Pie and doughnut charts

  • Tree map, funnel chart

  • Tree map, funnel chart

  • Score cards

  • Gauge chart

  • Grouped charts (coming soon)


Easily display live CAD and BIM data along your visualization pipeline.

  • Color by

  • Model ghosting

  • Visibility controls

  • Easy navigation

  • Model selection

  • Cross-highlighting

Text and data, together

A powerful and flexible text object makes reports much more compelling.

  • Headings

  • Text variables

  • Styling (coming soon)

Add interactivity

Break away from static dashboards and basic filtering. In Toric interactive elements can deeply connect and drive dataflows.

  • Sliders

  • Dropdowns

  • Cross highlight

  • Toggles (coming soon)

Shared Views

Control the full picture and share what is needed. With Toric you can choose what parts of the data are shared, who has access to it, and what inputs they are allowed to control.

Get Access from anywhere

Toric runs on the web, your desktop, or iOS devices.

Build a Team Library

Build a toolkit of apps and flows that your team can access and reuse from project to project.

Embed Smart Data Apps

Embed Toric into your tool of choice to centralize visibility on your analytics and reporting.

Deliver to everyone with iPhone and iPad Data Apps

Toric's data apps become beautiful data experiences in our native iOS apps.

See Toric in Action

Request a demo to see what our Data Analytics Workspace can do for you.