At Toric, we believe that data should be easy to use and accessible for everyone. That's why we built Toric – a workspace where users can build real-time reports and dashboards without writing any code. With Toric, you can focus on insights, not on formulas or code. Our mission is to bring data and tools into a single workspace so you can get insights across multiple data sources.

Toric is used by Architecture & Planning, Civil Engineering, Construction, Real estate operations and developers to leverage their existing data. Using Toric companies can combine design, project, and finance data in one place for realtime analysis, insights, and decision making.


Adapt and Evolve 
Be open to change and new ideas. Know that mistakes are okay to make as long as we learn something from them and continue forward.

Respect Others 
We value diversity, each of our unique experiences, and how they shape us. We listen to each other without judgment.

Communicate Directly 
We value clear communication. Share openly, question respectfully, and be willing to give and receive feedback.

Embrace Team Mentality 
We are growing a company together. We win or lose as a team and want to celebrate all we have accomplished. When we work together, we can create something greater than ourselves.

Enjoy the Journey 
We take the time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so we don’t miss how impressive the climb is.