Configure Airtable Connector

Configure Airtable Connector

Getting your data is easy with Toric’s integrations. Read on for a step-by-step guide to configuring your Airtable connector

This article covers:

  • • Generate an Airtable API key
  • • Configure Airtable in Toric
  • • Example Airtable Connector Automation
  • • FAQ

Generate an Airtable API key

Login to Airtable and follow these steps to setup a Airtable Connector:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings
  2. Generate an API Key

Setup time: 15 sec

1. Navigate to Account Settings

Click on your Airtable avatar (top right), then select the Account option. Scroll down to the API key - you will need to copy this into your Toric configuration.

2. Generate and API key

If this is your first setup, generate a new API key.

Note: If you choose to regenerate and API key you will need to update your connector configuration in Toric.

Configure Airtable in Toric

Login to Toric and follow these steps to setup a Airtable Connector:

  1. Enter a Configuration Name
  2. Paste Airtable API key
  3. Paste your Base ID
  4. Enter Table Names
  5. Validate Your Configuration

Setup time: 30 sec

1. Enter a Configuration Name

Type a unique name for your Airtable connector.

2. Paste Airtable API key

Paste your API key in the second textbox.

3. Paste Airtable Base ID

Paste your Airtable Base ID the third textbox.

4. Enter Table Names

Enter the names of the tables in the fourth textbox.

Note: Alternatively, you could paste the table id number instead of entering the names.

Airtable - Table IDs

5. Validate your Configuration

Use the Validate Configuration button to make sure all fields are completed correctly. Invalid fields will be highlighted in red, and a successful validation will show in green.

Click on Add Configuration to finalize the creation of your Airtable Connector.

Note: You will need to create one connector for each Base in Airtable. In other words, you will need to repeat steps 1 through 5 for each Base.

Example Airtable Automation

Checkout this quick example of an automation with Airtable data. Learn more about other types of Automation actions in the article, Automations for Integrations.

Here's what it looks like to Group Airtable data in Toric.

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