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Thiago da Costa

Toric + Procore

We’re thrilled to announce that Toric and Procore are now partnering to bring better data to construction pros. You can find the Toric integration in the Procore Marketplace.

Using Procore and Toric together enables customers to integrate data they already have in Procore, blend with other sources of data, and effortlessly deliver analytics insights to their teams.

What a Toric x Procore Partnership Means to Procore Users

With this partnership we want to make it easier for project managers to save time when making reports and dashboards. Using Toric you can deploy Data Apps to your teams in minutes.

  • Connect your Procore data to Toric with your login.
  • Transform and condition data to your needs, without writing any SQL, code or servers.
  • Customize dashboards, reports and analytics insights.
  • Embed Toric data-apps in Procore or share with stakeholders.
  • Automate ingestion/updates of dashboards using Toric automations.

With Toric you can also blend it with other Toric integrations.

Procore Pre-built Data Apps

Below you can see an example Data App using Procore data. The Construction RFI Tracker groups RFIs by status (e.g. approved, pending, etc.), augments dates, and creates visualizations with the cost of schedule changes. When an RFI changes in Procore, the data app updates automatically, without any intervention. This is done using a Toric Automation.

Here is another example using Procore Budget line items. This Data App takes budget items and reports values by cost code. It's a simple example that can be extended to present whatever information you need.

What Exactly is Toric? 

Toric is a cloud based data workspace, which bypasses the data literacy barrier by eliminating the most complicated elements: code, and data infrastructure.

We have built Toric as a fully managed data integration and transformation system – connecting it to a variety of data sources so that users can easily access and use their existing data. With Toric you do not have to worry about data storage, versioning, performance, data cleanup and immutability. Toric dataflows can help you build full data pipelines in a single workspace, including making compelling visualizations.

Example of how an RFI Tracker Data App is built in Toric - Dataflow & Data App split view.

Toric can also connect 3D BIM models, which can be presented inside of Procore.

The new connector can be found in the Procore Marketplace Connect and also in our integrations page. If you are interested in the integration please get in touch in the form below.


Procore is a leading provider of construction management software, and this partnership is game-changing for data – it allows the industry to leverage data from the tools they already use, without having to build software. We look forward to continue to partner with the Procore team and help our customers achieve more with data.

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