Analytics for Your Building Design

Tap into your BIM models to gain rich insights to support design review, quantification, change management, and more.

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Real-time insights

Perform continuous real-time model ingestion and analysis

Track building metrics

Track key metrics as the design evolves

Present with confidence

Create effortless, beautifully synced data presentations from BIM data

why toric

See how a data analyst builds a flow to analyze BIM models

Clean, transform, blend, and develop continuous analysis solutions around BIM processes, teams, and projects.

Easily extract BIM data

Pull data from BIM systems, spreadsheets and databases.

  • Normalized data views with support for rich data-types including lists, quantities of measure, and more.

  • Data conditioning with clean, deeply inspectable data.

  • Data augmentation and enrichment across software tools including Revit, Navisworks, and other BIM systems.

Build solutions that are always updated

Build solutions that are always updated

Using Toric you can make complete solutions that accelerate project delivery, reporting, and improve model quality.

  • Model Audit solutions for QA, quantities and progress.

  • Visualizations with 3D models, tables and charts.

  • Connect data from multiple BIM systems for reporting.

Portability and data consumption

Toric takes care of the heavy lifting on the cloud so your clients, data consumers, and collaborators always have a great experience.

  • Fast data loading.

  • Native mobile iOS app.

  • Easy to update with shared-view snapshots.

Portability and data consumption

Pre-built data apps for Architecture & Engineering

Start from real-world templates that deliver the value you need, at a fraction of the time. Avoid building ad-hoc pipelines for your next project.

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Integrate with your existing tool stack

Built-in integrations – so you don't have to start from scratch.

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”Toric has enabled us to aggregate business data, project data, and even open source data sources all in a central location.”

Steve Fox
Ben May
Building + Places Digital Transformation Director

”Toric brings data management to the everyday user, we’re excited about their innovative approach to leverage data-flows more efficiently.”

Turn Messy Data into Clean Insights

Talk to our team to learn how Toric is transforming data analysis.

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“We’re always exploring better ways to handle data and feed insights to our teams. Toric has enabled us to aggregate business data, project data, and even opensource data sources all in a central location.”

Steve Fox

Steve Fox


‘The AEC industry has been in desperate need of well built data interoperability platforms for many years now. From the moment I was first shown Toric, I could see deep potential in the platform. Their platform integration coverage and developer tools look bar second to none - I cannot wait to see Toric take the industry by storm!’

Gavin Crump

Gavin Crump

We found the Toric platform to be a completely new way of seeing data. It’s like having a dynamic table. The way to build (data) workflows is visual, which is a way more intuitive approach than a simple spreadsheet with complex hidden formulas.

Jean-François Lefebvre

Jean-François Lefebvre


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