March 18, 2022

Major Nodes and iOS updates

This week we have node updates for improved data transformation and better Data App exploration on iOS.

Formula & Column Names Nodes

Formula node simplifies the process of transforming data fields with mathematical operations. Type to select data fields and mathematical operators. Column Names returns a summary of all the column names in your data.

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Apps On the Go

We have extended Toricverse for iPhone and iPad, so you can exploreData App templates on the go.

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Revit Improvements

Drag and drop a Revit file from your local storage to Toric to get full access to model data. Do you still prefer to use the plugin? We added the option to export geometry edges for a more crisp 3D viewing experience.

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Updated Sources

For manually selected data, you could use the update button to search for a more recent version of a source on your local storage.

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Advanced Nodes
Data Apps

Patches & Bug Fixes

Also in this week's release, we added the following fixes:

  • • Preserve Breakout fields when cross-filtering data.
  • • Node connections (edges) not displaying correctly (clipping issue).
  • • Sharepoint changeset issues.
  • • Data Mapper node crashing.
  • • Transpose node not displaying the correct values after a Column Rename.
  • • Avoid header fields displaying empty values.
  • • Unit converter zeroing other fields.
  • • Improve chart color scales.
  • • Charts crashing when switching from a chart with aggregate option to a gauge chart.
  • • Tables being deleted when a chart in the Data App is deleted.
  • • Characters not displaying properly when typing in the Data App workspace.

Week 11: Patches and Bug fixes
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Week 11: Patches and Bug fixes
Week 11: Patches and Bug fixes
Week 11: Patches and Bug fixesWeek 11: Patches and Bug fixes
Patches & Bug Fixes