Update Existing Sources Directly from the Sources Tab

This update to the Dataflow Manager streamlines the process of updating existing files.

What is the Dataflow Manager?

Dataflow Manager is the main page when you select and enter a Project. This is where you see all the dataflows and sources that belong to that project.

How Do I Update Existing Sources?

Navigate to the Sources tab to see all data files in your project. Find the source you would like to update and click on the ellipse (3 dots) to open a menu with the following options:

  1. Rename
  2. Upload New Version
  3. Delete
Upload New Source Version

Upload New Version

This NEW option will open a new window to access local files on your computer. After locating the same file, select it and click Open to save a new version in your project.

Once the source is uploaded, click on the source tile to open a blank dataflow and start transforming. Or, go back to the original dataflow and make adjustments.

Upload New Source Version - Local Files

You could Rename or Delete files at anytime from the Sources tab by following the same steps above. Note that Deleting a file will destroy the file from your project.