More Options for 3D Data and a New way to Import Revit files

This week the plugin gets more improvements for 3D geometry and there is a new way to get your Revit files in Toric.

1. Revit-1.4.0 - Export Edges for a Sharper Model View

We added a new option to export object edges when sending 3D data. This sharpens the view by making objects more distinguishable. Note that this may take a few more minutes to export depending on the size and complexity of model geometry.

Where do I find this option?

This option is located in the Send Options at the bottom left of the plugin window. Note you must select both Revit 3D Export and Project Geometry Edges.

Additionally, we added a fix for missing Top Rails in the Railings category.

2. Drag & Drop To Import Revit Files.

This new method does not require the Revit plugin.

How does this work?

Simple, from a dataflow - open the Get Data button and find a Revit file on your computer's drive. Select the file and click Open, or drag and drop the file into the dataflow workspace.

A new source node will be added to your dataflow and you will notice a message Processing source data at the bottom of the new source node. After the processing is done, you will be able to select Revit data by element type using the dropdown.


How is this different from the plugin?

This feature does not require you to download a plugin on your machine.

Do I get the same data as the plugin?

You get all the object data. However, you cannot pick and choose what to send.

If you want to be more explicit about which families to export or you want to export Schedule data you will need to download the plugin.

Is this available for all Toric subscriptions? 

We are making this feature available for beta testing to any of our current customers. Please reach out to to request it today.