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Introducing our new free plan, Smartsheet connector, data storage capabilities, and enhancements to data automation

We have exciting product updates to share! Read on to learn how to get started for free, our newest data connector, data storage capabilities, and enhancements to data automation.

Sign up for a free or paid plan

Ready to get started using Toric? You can now sign up to Toric for FREE using a work email address! Free users can import local files, access standard connectors, and leverage Toric for their data analysis. Head over to to create your account today!

Toric tracks data consumption for all users, and free accounts are limited to 1 million rows of data. Learn more about our pricing or connect with our team to unlock all of Toric’s features and capabilities. 

Import local files

Free users can import their data in any of the following formats:

  • CSV
  • Excel

Watch this short video below to learn more about importing CSV and Excel files into Toric.

Configure standard sources

Free users also have access to Toric’s standard sources including:

  • Google Drive
  • And Google Sheets

Using Toric’s standard data sources, free users can ingest data from Google Drive and Sheets into the Toric workspace. Watch the videos below to learn more about Toric’s Standard connectors for free users, or head over to to create your account today! 

Configure Google Drive

Configure Google Sheets

Want to unlock automations? Contact our team to learn more about pricing and get started on a paid plan today.

Smartsheet Integration

We are excited to announce our newest connector, Smartsheet! Smartsheet is a flexible spreadsheet-centric work management tool designed to track team projects. Using the Smartsheet connector in Toric allows users to ingest their Smartsheet data into our workspace to process, transform, and join Smartsheet data with other sources to create rich insights and visualizations.

Watch the video below or head over to our connector page to learn more about using the Smartsheet connector in Toric.

Unlock the Power of Data Aggregation with Toric's New Data Tables Feature

Toric's data tables are a powerful feature designed to help users better aggregate and manage their data. Data tables provide a structured way to consolidate information from various sources into a single, organized table. They enable users to have full control over the table's structure, including the ability to define column types, designate primary keys, and set required columns.

Data tables in Toric work by allowing users to create custom tables, define their schema, and map data to columns from different sources. Users can also perform read and write operations on these tables, which can be especially useful when working with multiple projects or versions of a project.

The key benefits of data tables for Toric users include:

  1. Enhanced data organization: Data tables help users structure and manage their data more efficiently, making it easier to work with and understand.
  2. Improved data aggregation: By consolidating data from multiple sources into a single table, users can gain insights and compare projects or versions more effectively.
  3. Streamlined data access: With the ability to query data tables using familiar SQL-like syntax, users can quickly access and manipulate the information they need.

Toric’s Data Tables offer users a powerful tool for aggregating, organizing, and accessing their data, ultimately improving overall data management and analysis capabilities.

Watch our short video below to learn more about Data Tables, why they matter, and how you can get started using them today!

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouses are a new feature that allows Toric users to deploy a Toric-managed data warehouse. Toric warehouses enable users to control the region for deployment and backup region including US, APAC and EMEA regions [additional regions coming soon].

With Data Warehouses, users can create tables with custom schemas supporting Primary Keys, Dates, Currencies, Numbers Units of measure, Lists, Boolean even BIM models. Like data-tables, Warehouses can be read/write from flows using the Write to warehouse, Select, Distinct and Summarize nodes.

Toric also supports external data warehouses that can be connected to the platform. The same functionality applies however Toric cannot create tables in external warehouses, and the types of data that can be written are limited to that warehouse technology. 

Watch the tutorial below to learn more about Data Warehouses in Toric, and how to get started using them today!

Downtime feature for automations

We are excited to announce our new downtime feature for automations! This powerful new feature allows you to optimize your automation scheduling, ensuring that your automations run only when needed, thus improving efficiency and reducing unnecessary resource usage.

The downtime feature enables you to define specific periods during which your automations will be paused. Within the automation panel, you can set time-based triggers to determine when an automation runs, and then add a downtime for each trigger. For instance, you can set a downtime for every Monday or specify a time range during which the automation should not run. 

Please note that the ability to set a downtime may vary depending on the frequency interval of your automation.

By incorporating downtime into your automation scheduling, you can prevent automations from running during periods of inactivity or overlapping with other tasks. This not only helps you manage your resources more effectively but also ensures that your automations are executed at the most opportune times, maximizing their effectiveness and minimizing any potential disruptions.

Watch our full tutorial video below to learn more about downtime for automations. 

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