Improved Procore Integration

Procore has been updated to our latest version of Integrations, making it compatible with Automations. It is now possible to streamline data imports and run Dataflows with the Procore Connector and Webhooks.

Procore Connector

Setup a Procore Connector and automate getting live project management data. Select from RFIs, Budget, Issues, and more, and choose the trigger that best fits your needs. Our personal favorite is the Time-based trigger, which will pull data daily at a more convenient time for your team.

Webhooks in Procore

This unique trigger will request Toric to pull data anytime there is a change in your Procore data, and Webhooks are configurable at the Project or Company level.

Get Started With Procore.

All Integrations are available in one location and the configurations take only minutes. Here are some useful links to get you started today:

  1. Intro To Integrations
  2. Automation for Integrations
  3. Configure You HubSpot Integration
  4. Configure Procore Connector
  5. Configure Procore Webhooks