You need to blend data coming from different software - this is the article for you. Let’s learn about Integrations and where to find them in Toric.

This article covers:

  • • What Are Integration?
  • • Where Do I Find Integrations in Toric?
  • • How Do I Import My Data? 
  • • Automating Data Integration
  • • FAQ

What Are Integrations?

An Integration is any software which Toric can connect to via an API service. Simply, Toric facilitates getting your data by connecting to your software tools.

Where Do I Find Integrations in Toric?

You will need to be signed into your Toric account. On the main page (Dataflow Management), navigate to the left panel and click on Integrations.

The Integrations are grouped in the following categories:

  1. Databases
  2. Construction and BIM
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Marketing and Sales

1. Databases

This includes any software that is used to store data (i.e., Amazon S3).

2. Construction & BIM

Here we have a mix of Desktop tools used by designers and cloud based project management tools for the construction site (i.e., Revit, Procore, BIM360).

3. Spreadsheets

Cloud based spreadsheets (i.e., Google Sheets). You could import local copies of your spreadsheets by dragging and dropping them in a Project or Dataflow.

4. Marketing and Sales

Cloud software that is specialized in creating and tracking marketing and sales data (i.e., Salesforce, HubSpot).

How Do I Import My Data?

There are three ways to get data from Integrations:

  1. Get Data
  2. Set Up Integration
  3. Download a Plugin

1. Get Data

You can manually import data from an Integration with the Get Data button at the Project level or within the Get Source button in a Dataflow.

Check out Manually Get Data to learn more.

2. Set Up Integration

This is required for any Integration you would like to use in an Automation. You need to set up an Integration before it is available as a data source in Automations.

Check out Automations For Integrations to learn more.

3. Download a Plugin

Plugins are necessary for desktop tools. For example, CAD modeling tools in the Construction & BIM category. The Toric plugin allows you to select specific data and send it to Toric.

Check out How To Use A Desktop Plugin to learn more.


1. How can I request an Integration?

Reach out 😀. We’re constantly adding Integrations to other great software tools. To make a request, write to us using the in App chat or at

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