Getting your data is easy with Toric’s integrations. Read on for a step-by-step guide to configuring a Procore Connector to access your company and project data in Toric.

This article covers:

  • • Setup a Service Account in Procore
  • • Configure Procore in Toric
  • • Example Procore Connector Automation
  • • FAQ

Setup a Procore Service Account

Before jumping into Toric, you will need to create a Service Account in Procore. Here are four easy steps to get started:

  1. Create a Service Account.
  2. Assign a Permission Template.
  3. Edit Service Account User Settings.
  4. Information Required for Toric Setup.

Setup time: 3.5 min

1. Create a Service Account.

Log in to Procore as an administrator. Click to open the Apps dropdown (top right) and select the App Management option.

Under COMPANY SETTINGS, click on the Service Account option, then click +New (top right). Enter the following in the provided fields.

  1. App Type: click the Custom option
  2. Description: Toric's is a data workspace allowing organizations to consolidate data for analysis and insights.
  3. Company/Developer Name: Toric Labs
  4. Company/Developer Email: enter an administrator email from your company (i.e.,
  5. Name: Toric App

Note: Creating a Service Account will create a new User in your company. The new user's name will have the format ServiceAccountName-YourCompanyName (i.e., toric-app-toric-demo-company-us02). In our example, our app is Toric App, and our company name is Toric Demo Company US02.

2. Assign Permission Templates.

The data Toric can get will depend on the permission template you assign to a Service Account. If you already have an admin permission template that gives full access to Company and Project Data, you could skip to Step 2.3.

If you need to create a new permission template, click on the Company Tools dropdown and select the Permissions option. Then follow Steps 2.1 to 2.3 to create new templates.

  1. Company permission template.
  2. Project permission template.
  3. Assign permission templates.

2.1 Company permission template.

Click on the Company Permissions Templates, then click on +Create Company Permission Template (top right). Enter the name Service Account Template (Company) and click confirm. In the row "Permissions Tool", click the radio button under Admin and then Save.

2.2 Company permission template.

Next, click on the Project Permissions Template, then click on +Create Project Permission Template (top right) and select the Project (Global) option. Enter the name Service Account Template (Project) and click confirm. In the row "Permissions Tool", click the radio button under Admin and then Save.

2.3 Assign permission template.

Navigate back to the User Permissions tab and use the search box to enter the name of the Service Account you created in Step 1.  

Note. The user name for the service account is formatted to show the name of the service account followed by your company name (i.e., toric-app-YourCompanyName). In our example, toric-app-toric-demo-company-us02.

Use the Actions dropdown to the left of your service account and select the option Assign Company Permissions. Assign the Service Account Template (Company).

Navigate back to User Permissions and repeat Step 2.3 this time selecting Assign Default Project Permissions. Assign the Service Account Template (Project).

Note: You could assign any existing template in your Procore Account as long as the template has admin permissions.

3. Edit Service Account User Settings.

Open the Company Tools dropdown and select Directory, then search for the Service Account you create in Step 1 (i.e., toric-app-toric-demo-company-us02). Click Edit and make sure the following options are applied:

3.1 User messaging.

Use the dropdown to select the option Not at all. This will avoid unnecessary email notifications.

3.2 Company permission settings.

Ensure that the template selected matches the option you selected in Step 2.3. We use the created Service Account Template (Company) in our example.

3.3 Project permission settings.

Make sure to check both boxes in the New Project Settings. This will ensure that your Toric App (service account) will have access to new Procore projects as they get created.

In Current Project Settings, make sure Toric App (service account) has access to all projects. If not, click the Add All button in the Does Not Belong To section. The Add All button will add the Test and Toric Resort project in the example below. Click Save (bottom right) to apply your changes.

Note: Inactive projects will not show. If you wish to get the data from all projects, please make sure all your projects are Active.

4. Information Required for Toric Setup.

You will need to follow the following steps in your Procore Account.

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. Company ID

Note: The Client Secret is only visible when a Service Account is created. If you lose this, you will need to Reset Secret and update all Procore configurations in Toric. We recommend saving your service account info in a password manager or anywhere safe.

Procore Connector - Rest Client Secret

Configure Procore in Toric

Login to Toric and follow these steps to setup a Procore Connector:

  1. Enter a Configuration Name
  2. Paste Procore Endpoint (Optional)
  3. Paste Procore Company ID
  4. Paste Procore Client ID
  5. Paste Procore Client Secret
  6. Validate Your Configuration

Setup time: 1 min

1. Enter a Configuration Name

Type a unique name for your Procore Connector.

2. Paste Procore Endpoint (Optional)

Optional field which can be used to pull data from a specific URL. For example, you may want to test in a Procore sandbox or a developer environment. In this case, paste your URL in the text field that says Salesforce URL Login Endpoint.

3. Paste Procore Company ID

Paste your Company ID from step 4 from Setup a Procore Service Account.

4. Paste Procore Client ID

Paste your Client ID from step 4 from Setup a Procore Service Account.

5. Paste Procore Client Secret

Paste your Client Secret from step 4 from Setup a Procore Service Account.

6. Validate your Configuration

Use the Validate Configuration button to make sure all fields are completed correctly. Invalid fields will be highlighted in red, and a successful validation will show in green.

Click on Add Configuration to finalize the creation of your Procore Connector.

Example Procore Connector Automation

Checkout this quick example of a Procore automation. Learn more about other types of Automation actions in the article, Automations for Integrations. To setup Webhooks, check out how to Configure Procore Webhook.

Here's what Procore data looks like in Toric.


1. Can I edit my configuration?

Absolutely. Click the three dots on the right and select the Update option. If you no longer need a configuration, you should delete it and create a new one. 

If you choose to make a new configuration, you will need to update all Automations that use the old configuration.

2. Why is my configuration always invalid?

First, check that you followed Steps 1 through 7. 

If you’re still getting an invalid configuration, please open a ticket using the in app chat (bottom right) or write to us at

3. How can I request an Integration?

Reach out 😀. We’re constantly adding Integrations to other great software tools. To make a request, write to us using the in App chat or at

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