May 18, 2022

More Chart Customization

Give Me More Chart Customization

We heard you, and we delivered! The new color palette lets you select colors for individual charts - choose from preset themes or customize as you wish. Fonts, line styles, and line ticks are now fully configurable in the Properties panel.

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Make transforming arrays a piece of 🍰. We also applied the smart selection (regex selection) to all nodes that use a dropdown to select data. Some nodes include Breakout, Remove Column, and Unnest.

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Automate your Procore BI

Your team works hard every day to move projects forward; the last thing they have time for is updated Procore data. Procore has been updated to the latest integration, allowing you to configure and create Automations. Update sources and Dataflows—no need to drag and drop sources in each Dataflow. In addition, you can configure a Webhook trigger which you could select in your Procore Automation.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Your data matters to us, and we now have two-factor authentication as a first step. Two-factor protects you and your team against unwanted login attempts. You will be protected across all devices with two-factor enabled, from our web app to desktop plugins and the iOS app.

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Patches & Bug Fixes

Also in this week's release, we added the following fixes:

  • • Undo bug with Filter node.
  • • Summaries dropdown position overlaps tables.
  • • Automation UI patch.
  • • Automation timeout in Safari.
  • • Charts draw off screen.
  • • New Data App tab gets created separately.
  • • Summaries should use the same number formatting a the field.
  • • Regex shows data even when there is no match.
  • • Model viewer disappears when selection is empty.

Week 20: Patches & Bug Fixes
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Week 20: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 20: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 20: Patches & Bug FixesWeek 20: Patches & Bug Fixes
Patches & Bug Fixes