This is an exciting week for integrations as we introduce two new integrations, one of which is HubSpot. The HubSpot integration is also one of the first to support Automations which allows you to streamline data imports and running Dataflows.

What Is HubSpot?

One of the leading inbound marketing and sales tools, HubSpot focuses on unifying and maintaining one source of truth around a business's most important asset - its customers. We the HubSpot integration to keep track of our marketing campaigns. With the HubSpot integration you have access to Contacts, Companies, Deals, Quotes, and Tickets.

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Why HubSpot in Toric?

Marketing and sales data is critical for the survival of any business. We integrate with leading software like HubSpot to give you the flexibility to import any data. Toric is agnostic with data connectivity regardless of your business model and the data you produce. We

Get all your customer data for more in-depth analytics. Blend data from Contacts, Quotes, and Deals to track sales that initiated due to inbound marketing.  

We rave about the no-code data revolution. Anyone should have the power to clean, transform and summarize data. And for data enthusiasts and professionals, this means less time writing code and more time inspecting data for patterns in marketing and sales.

What is transformed data without a means to present it? Nothing 😬 Today's data visualization tools require you to transfer data files, and some tools also require more steps in data preparation. Toric Data Apps remove this tedious work by connecting to any level in our transformed data. Once you've built the right report, save time and reuse it on future projects - simply connect new HubSpot data.

Finally, data notebooks, dashboards, and neat reports are more powerful when you can share them to present your findings. Share any marketing dashboard or quarterly report with your project stakeholders, internal or external. They can access your Apps anywhere in the world as long as they have a connection to the internet.

Oh, did we mention our iOS app? Anyone with a Toric Account can download the Toric app from the Apple store for an improved viewing experience on Apple mobile devices.

Get Started With HubSpot.

All Integrations are available in one location and the configurations take only minutes. Here are some useful links to get you started today:

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  2. Automation for Integrations.
  3. Configure You HubSpot Integration.