How can our Columns node improvements help you?

We’ve made changes to our columns node that improve how it functions. When you select a column node, you now have the ability to control column visibility, freeze columns, or reorder columns: 

Control visibility. Choose whether you want it visible or not. If you disable visibility of a column, it still exists in the table and you can still work with the column, but when you’re visualizing the table, the column will not appear. 

Freeze columns. Visually isolate specific columns when scrolling in a data table. Select the column within the node that you would like to freeze and once selected, the column and click freeze, this column will now become a static column.

If you scroll in this data table with the freeze column feature, this column will continue to stay on the left hand side and will remain there, regardless of how far you scroll. You can also freeze two columns at once, and reorder the sequence of columns in your table within the columns node. 

Reorder columns. Within the columns node, drag the columns in the order you would like them to appear in your table.