Cadence McShane Construction Optimizes Data Processes and Workflows with Toric


✔ Streamline and automate data collection from various sources.
✔ Create consistent, timely, and accurate metrics for over 200 projects.
✔ Eliminate data silos and inefficiencies.


✔ Significant time savings are estimated at 50-100 hours per month.
✔ Improved productivity, allowing a solo data analyst to match or exceed the productivity of larger teams.
✔ Enhanced data flow and the creation of custom dashboards.
✔ Successful tracking of subcontractor qualifications and other project metrics.
✔ Strong positive impact on workflow efficiency and productivity.

Cadence McShane Streamlines Data Workflow With Toric

“Toric enabled me to scale up reporting and analytics rapidly. The onboarding and training took just a week or two before I was off and running, building impactful solutions for our organization.”

Christopher Ortiz, Senior Data Management Analyst

Christopher Ortiz, Senior Data Management Analyst


Toric's powerful data pipeline platform brought significant improvements to Cadence McShane's data management processes:

  1. ROI: time-savings: The automation and efficiency provided by Toric allow Cadence McShane to save an estimated 50-100 person-hours per month.
  1. Data collection: Toric streamlines data collection with pre-built connectors; this automates data extraction from various sources, and eliminates the need to manage connections as API’s are updated by vendors. Typically this requires data engineers to write code and frequently test and repair after updates are made from software vendors.
  1. User-friendly platform: Toric's user-friendly interface made it accessible to individuals without a data engineering or analytics background, enabling an intern to grasp and use the platform effectively and quickly.
I had a summer intern, and he picked it up in 10 minutes — seriously, he was building all sorts of crazy things in there — and it was just me showing him how it works, and he was just as successful as I was. Toric is very intuitive."
Christopher Ortiz, Senior Data Management Analyst
  1. Flexible dashboards: With Toric, Cadence McShane can build custom dashboards to:
  • Monitor data like Trade Partner Qualifications:

Using Toric, the Cadence McShane team built their own in-house Trade Partner Qualification Database, which feeds their Custom Qualification Dashboard. The Qualification Database ensures that Trade Partners have the necessary capabilities to manage their assigned projects successfully.

  • Track Insurance Compliance:

This dashboard allows real-time insurance compliance tracking for each project. It ensures that trade partners meet all necessary insurance requirements. By automating the monitoring process, the dashboard minimizes the need for manual audits, providing efficiency gains for the project team.

All relevant insurance compliance information is consolidated and easily accessible in this centralized dashboard, contributing to a streamlined and proactive approach to project management.

  • View all Change Orders “At-Risk:”

The dashboard highlights critical information, such as the nature of the change, associated costs, and potential impact on project schedules.

Automating this tracking process is a proactive approach to risk management, as this centralized dashboard facilitates quick decision-making and risk mitigation by making pertinent information easily accessible to project stakeholders.

  • Evaluate Budget Forecasts entered by project teams:

This dashboard allows project teams to assess and evaluate budget forecasts entered for each project. It provides a comprehensive overview of budget allocations, expenditures, and discrepancies—enhancing your budget forecasting accuracy.

Before Toric: 4 Opportunities for Data Processes Optimization

Cadence McShane Construction is one of Texas's most trusted and well-established contractors, specializing in multifamily, senior living, commercial, industrial, and education sectors. Cadence McShane provides construction management and design-build services and is recognized as one of the largest general contractors in the United States, with Top-10 national rankings across the multifamily and education sectors.

Christopher Ortiz, a Senior Data Management Analyst at Cadence McShane, specializes in optimizing company systems and data workflows.

Christopher partnered with Toric to optimize data processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Before implementing Toric, he manually collected and consolidated data from various systems, including Procore, accounting, and other internal databases. The data resided in outdated, non-cloud-based systems, making it difficult to access and synchronize. The process was inconsistent and time-consuming, making creating timely and unified reports challenging.

Christopher, as a team of one, wanted to enhance and streamline the following processes for better and overall operational efficiency.

  1. Breakdown data silos: Disparate data sources and systems were making it challenging to access and consolidate information effectively.
  1. Automate time-consuming manual processes: Data collection and analysis involved substantial manual effort, leading to inefficiencies.
  1. Optimize legacy systems: Cadence McShane employs non-cloud-based tools, making data extraction and integration complex.
  1. Maintain data consistency: Gathering information from various departments for reporting purposes was inconsistent and time-consuming.
“Toric enabled me to scale up reporting and analytics rapidly. The onboarding and training took just a week or two before I was off and running, building impactful solutions for our organization.”

Christopher Ortiz, Senior Data Management Analyst

Looking Ahead: Future Initiatives and Continued Success with Toric

Achieving Significant ROI through Time Savings:
Since implementing Toric in the summer of 2022, Cadence McShane has realized a substantial return on investment, primarily through time savings. This efficiency has empowered Christopher to redirect his focus toward more strategic tasks, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of results delivery.

Strategic Automation with Toric:
Forecasting and Data Management: Christopher is at the forefront of leveraging Toric to automate intricate processes, including data forecasting, project information management, and contract details. This automation represents a strategic shift towards more streamlined and efficient operations.

Innovative Dashboard Development:
Vendor Insurance Compliance: Christopher is leading the development of a specialized dashboard dedicated to the efficient monitoring of subcontractors’ insurance certificates. This tool is designed to streamline compliance checks and enhance operational efficiency.

Monthly Summary Reports: Another key initiative involves the creation of a Monthly Summary Report. This comprehensive tool will provide an all-encompassing overview of a project’s health, covering critical aspects such as financials, schedule adherence, and quality/safety metrics. This initiative underscores Cadence McShane’s commitment to thorough project monitoring and management.

Long-Term Vision and Goals:
With the integration of Toric, Christopher and the team at Cadence McShane are set on a path to significantly bolster project efficiency. They are committed to maintaining high levels of transparency and upholding stringent accountability standards across various operational areas. This strategic use of Toric positions Cadence McShane to achieve continued success and efficiency in their projects.

Optimize your data processes and gain operational efficiency.

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