How to use Procore Data to build a real-time project dashboard

Featured Speakers

Get practical advice from Christopher Ortiz, Sr. Data Management Analyst at Cadence McShane, and a Tech Demo from Procore Certified: Project Manager, Beth Trapp.

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Learn how to create a project-level dashboard that delivers near real-time insights to the people that need to see it, in the way they need to see it.

Hear from Chris how he plans to centralize and transform their project data into business-ready analytics and reporting for better and faster project decisions.

In this session, we will walk you through how to make Procore data more accessible as analytics for decision makers in near real-time with a tech demonstration. You’ll see how to connect your Procore project endpoints - like budget, RFIs, Submittals, and Vendors - into a single project dashboard to give business stakeholders easy access to actionable insights based on all your Procore data and metrics.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use pre-built Procore connectors and Toric as a data integration layer to access, aggregate, and integrate Procore project data (i.e., RFIs, Change Orders, Logs, submittals, and more) together.
  • Unify data sources with Toric’s no-code data warehousing and transformations to get Procore data business-ready as actionable insights and reporting.
  • Share near real-time data in your project dashboard with business stakeholders as self-service BI and reports OR embedded the analytics back into Procore.
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Featured Speakers

Construction Tech Demo & Deep Dive

Christopher Ortiz

Sr. Data Management Analyst, Cadence McShane

As the Sr. Data Management Analyst at Cadence McShane, Christopher Ortiz is responsible for vetting and implementing various softwares across the organization and enhancing organizational processes along with optimizing company systems in order to get a standardized dataset in order to generate data insights and reports for our stakeholders. Chris has ten years of experience in the AECO industry with the past three years focusing on data analysis, technology integration, and business process improvement.

Beth Trapp

Data Analyst | Procore Certified: Project Manager

Before her time at Toric, Beth spent 10+ years working in accounting and spent five years building data analytics solutions in-house for general contractors. She previously worked as a Data Analyst and Senior Construction Accountant for two top-performing General Contractors in North Carolina, and served as an adjunct instructor for Iowa Central College for five years. Throughout her time in the industry, Beth tackled accounting and data challenges by developing dashboards and other automated solutions utilizing visualization tools. She is passionate about visualization and creating dashboards that help others in the industry revolutionize their data using Toric. Beth has earned multiple certifications in Procore Project Management tools and is an upcoming Student Spotlight for the 2023 Power BI course.

Thiago da Costa

CEO & Co-founder, Toric

Thiago da Costa is a entrepreneur best known for founding Lagoa, a cloud-based 3D visualization software acquired by Autodesk in 2014, and presently Toric, a cloud-based, no-code data analytics workspace that enables construction companies to interact with their design data and perform extensive analysis without code.His significant expertise in designing, building and launching products led to his success in raising venture capital and negotiating competitive M&As. With a propensity for identifying opportunities, the insight to identify a compelling vision, and an uncanny ability to empower teams that enable and inspire individuals, he has quickly become a leading authority in the AECO data analytics space, cultivating an impressive following of industry peers and partners.