Unlock Business Value with Our Construction Project Metrics Guidebook

Your Guidebook for Unlocking Business Value with Data-Driven KPIs Across a Building's Lifecycle

Select and track all of the right metrics, OKRs, and KPIs for your construction project throughout a building's lifecycle. 

This comprehensive review of the most popular data sources and dozens of specific metrics, OKRs and KPIs that are important to track across a building's lifecycle.

Are you ready to take your construction project to the next level? In today's data-driven world, selecting and tracking the right metrics, objectives, and key results (OKRs) is crucial for success.

Our guidebook highlights the importance of asking the right questions: how, why, who, and what are you measuring the KPIs for? 

By identifying and understanding the metrics, KPIs, and goals you need to accomplish at a project level, you can ensure that your efforts are focused on what truly matters with example Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

By the end of this guidebook, you will:

  • Connect relevant data categories and sources effectively.
  • Set aligned OKRs and KPIs based on established use cases.
  • Address data blindspots using Toric templates and connectors.
  • Follow industry best practices and uncover valuable customer insights.

With this information, you'll be able to unlock the full business potential of data-driven decision-making in your construction projects, optimizing performance and success. 

Get ready to harness data for valuable insights, make informed decisions, and propel your construction projects towards operational excellence.

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Our guidebook will walk you through the process of transforming complex and messy data into actionable insights that drive tangible results with Example Reports and Dashboards:

Don't let valuable Project insights slip through your fingers. Our Guidebook will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to unlock the full potential of your construction projects. 

Start leveraging data-driven KPIs and OKRs today to drive efficiency, win more business, and achieve your organizational goals.

Download your copy of our Construction Project Metrics Guidebook and take the first step towards maximizing business value in your construction projects.