June 13, 2022

New Date Formatting

Date Formatting

Customize the way you show dates in your dashboards and reports. Select from a list of formats or enter your own to show dates the way you want in Scorecards.

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Patches & Bug Fixes

Also in this week's release, we added the following fixes:

  • • Updating Source from dropdowns do not work in Shared Data App.
  • • Filter “is none of” removes rows with empty cells for that column.
  • • Data Tagging: Multiselect distorts the node interface.
  • • Inserting a node before Data Tagging still keeps old connection.
  • • Column of 1s and 0s gets misread as Boolean.
  • • Axis titles do not swap properly when switching charts.
  • • Date Type is interpreted as a multiselect data type.
  • • Data Tagging: Multiselect option does not merge all matching tags.
  • • Promote Header goes into and infinite loop and crashed the application.

Week 24: Patches & Bug Fixes
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Week 24: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 24: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 24: Patches & Bug FixesWeek 24: Patches & Bug Fixes
Patches & Bug Fixes