June 9, 2022

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In-App Learning

All the content you need to get started and level up your data analytics game is now at your fingertips. Learn the basic, discover the functions of nodes, and read about product releases with "What's New" - everything you're reading now, directly in Toric.

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Single Sign On is the latest feature to help protect your Toric account. Choose to use your Google account to login to Toric. For Revit and Navisworks as well.

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Charts have been brought up to speed with number formatting and the ability to enter custom axes titles.

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Further Reading

Data Apps
Hilti ON!Track
Advanced Nodes

Patches & Bug Fixes

Also in this week's release, we added the following fixes:

  • • Procore configuration update does not work.
  • • Procore cannot import inactive projects.
  • • Procore errors with Meetings data.
  • • Regex returns data even when there is no match.
  • • Data Tagging does not work with multiselect data type
  • • ON!Track data import fails in automations.
  • • Unnest node does not preserve type, bug with progressing index, flat arrays not unnested properly.
  • • Data selection in charts does not work for “empty” values.
Week 23: Patches & Bug Fixes
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Week 23: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 23: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 23: Patches & Bug FixesWeek 23: Patches & Bug Fixes
Patches & Bug Fixes