How to Use Revit Data to Perform Cost Analytics & Quantity Takeoff

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Hear practical advice from Betenbough Homes on using BIM data for better cost and estimation insights. Autodesk Elite Expert will then demo automating Quantity Takeoff in Toric for more detailed measurement of materials and labor needed to complete your project.

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In this webinar, hear from Construction Data Strategist and BIM expert Meena Abdelkodoos on how to use Revit data in Toric to automate calculating quantity takeoffs during the pre-construction phase.

Cost Analytics expert Micheal White will then discuss the Betenbough Homes data analytics journey, strategy, and share practical advice on how to leverage data for cost analytics at your organization.

BIM / Computation Strategist Gavin Crump will walk you through a demonstration of how to automate Quantity Takeoff using Revit data. Using a large scale Revit model of a resort, Gavin will demonstrate how Toric can successfully support repeatable and model-driven outcomes.

The importance of clean and structured data will also be explored in the context of Revit, as well as some techniques that Toric provides a user with in order to process and clean data where a more structured output is necessary.

You will learn how to:

  • Practical advice and recommendations for using data in cost analytics
  • Structure and process your Revit data in Toric for takeoffs
  • Gain real-time insights to measure and estimate building material costs better 
  • Extract Autodesk Revit data to calculate the breakdown of materials
  • Create an automated Cost & Quantity Takeoff data pipeline using BIM models

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