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Meena Abdelkodoos

Moderator, Construction Data Strategist

Lessons Learned and Advice from a 12-Year Data Journey at Turner Construction

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Register now to hear from Meena, a seasoned Construction Data Strategist with over 12 years of experience at Turner Construction, as he shares his data journey and lessons learned.

In this webinar, Meena emphasizes the need for a centralized data access environment that can leverage data from all third-party software used in the construction industry.

Starting with a manual process of using BIM models to portray data, Meena later moved on to a cloud-based model with real-time data pipelines that can feed live metrics into Excel sheets or Power BI dashboards. He also shares how his team leveraged in-house databases to streamline data ingestion from subcontractors via RFID tags and how they created a Turner database to integrate data sets from multiple sources. Meena also discusses how this ecosystem can automate manual processes and improve ROI by saving time and reducing human error.

Discover how Meena's experience at Turner led him to join Toric, a company that provides tools for data integration and management. Learn how Toric aims to provide its customers with the tools to integrate and model data without requiring a large expansion of personnel. With Toric's no-code transformations, you can take information into visualizations quickly and scale them across projects.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The importance of centralized data access and real-time data pipelines for automation and improved ROI
  • How Toric's API connections and no-code transformations make data modeling and engineering easy for anyone
  • Toric's powerful visualization tools and customizable reporting capabilities for effective communication with stakeholders
  • Examples of how Toric has helped construction companies integrate data from various sources for improved bidding and project management.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Meena's 12-year data journey at Turner Construction and how Toric can help you make data analytics accessible to everyone in your organization.

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