How to Deliver Construction Projects as “Expected Experiences” Using Technology and Data Analytics 

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Get practical advice on how construction companies can embrace modern technology and data analytics to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to meet expectations from the start.

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Discover the power of "expected experiences" and data analytics in construction to meet the high demands of building owners in the 21st century.

Why can't construction projects be delivered the same way seamless end-to-end experiences in other industries such as ordering food or requesting ride-sharing services?

Join Autodesk's Vice President of Enterprise Transformation Practice, Amy Marks, and Toric Co-Founder and CEO Thiago da Costa in this Tech Talk session to discover how data analytics and new technologies can modernize the construction industry by delivering expected experiences. 

This session will discuss best practices and approaches like leveraging a common data environment and how to optimize projects to stay ahead of the curve in the construction industry.

Join this Tech Talk, to hear about:

  • The concept of expected experiences in construction and its impact on customer demands for services and products.
  • How business models are evolving and the role of digital transformation and innovation in shaping the construction industry's future.
  • The importance of a common data environment and data analytics workspace as the cornerstone for integrating various data silos in the construction industry.
  • The benefits of Toric and Autodesk's collaboration in providing end-to-end data analytics workspaces and seamless integration with key Autodesk tools.
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Featured Speakers

Construction Tech Leaders

Amy Marks

VP, Enterprise Transformation Practice, Autodesk

Amy Marks, often referred to as the Queen of Prefab, has made a significant impact in the construction industry with her unique approach and dedication to business transformation, prefabrication, and sustainability. As Autodesk's Vice President of Enterprise Transformation Practice, she drives strategy on business outcomes, platform solutions, and consulting for clients, while championing the integration of transformational methodologies. Marks, a University of Florida graduate and Harvard Business School alumna, is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and serves as the chairman and ambassador of the Advancing Prefabrication show. Beyond her professional achievements, she is a proud mother and an avid sports enthusiast, having played competitive rugby for nearly 15 years.

Thiago da Costa

CEO & Co-founder, Toric

Thiago da Costa is an entrepreneur best known for founding Lagoa, a cloud-based 3D visualization software acquired by Autodesk in 2014, and presently Toric, a cloud-based, no-code data analytics workspace that enables construction companies to interact with their design data and perform extensive analysis without code. His significant expertise in designing, building, and launching products led to his success in raising venture capital and negotiating competitive M&As. With a propensity for identifying opportunities, the insight to identify a compelling vision, and an uncanny ability to empower teams that enable and inspire individuals, he has quickly become a leading authority in the AECO data analytics space, cultivating an impressive following of industry peers and partners.

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Toric strategic partnership and integration here.