How to Use Autodesk Data and Other Data Sources for a Live Project Scoreboard

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Get practical advice for creating a single source of truth of your data by constructing a data infrastructure and pipeline to facilitate and streamline the collection of high-quality, usable data from Autodesk Construction Cloud and other sources like Revit and Salesforce.

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Learn how to turn disparate Project data sources into a Live Project Scoreboard among other analysis-ready dashboards and reports.

In this session, VDC Project Manager Adam Davis from Miller Electric will guide you through his entire data pipeline, from ingestion and ETL to visualization and analysis, and by showing a demo how he accomplished in Toric, all without writing a line of code. 

Adam will talk about how Miller Electric utilizes Toric, a data analytics workspace, to overcome the challenge of integrating disparate data sources. In Miller Electric's use-case, the data in Toric serves as a single source of truth, enabling meaningful insights across all data. By bringing together these diverse data sources construction professionals can gain profound and informative contextual insights and reveal previously unknown metrics.

Chad Braun, a Toric data analysis strategist, will then explain how this unified approach extends to various software including design and estimating/takeoff tools, bidding platforms, scheduling software, ERPs, CRMs, and PM/FM tools, and how you can tame the complexities of construction data originating from disparate sources with Toric. The session will conclude with real-world examples showcasing how different departments and stakeholders benefit from Toric's configurable dashboards, enabling the visualization and analysis of integrated data.

You’ll learn about:

  • Connecting Autodesk Construction Cloud, Revit, Salesforce, and Google Sheets data into a centralized workspace for a live project scoreboard.
  • The challenges of integrating disparate data sources and how Miller Electric utilizes a data analytics workspace to overcome them.
  • Understanding what the true connectivity of data looks like as a single source of truth for your organization.
  • How to leverage the right integrations between construction technologies to reduce repeated manual entry.
  • Evaluating the ongoing challenges in the collection of high quality, usable data.
  • Tracking and comparing real-time actuals to estimates and addressing issues such as the lack of key performance indicators (KPIs) and communication barriers impacting costs.
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Featured Speakers

Deep Dive & Tech Demo

Adam Davis

VDC Project Manager

Adam Davis is a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) professional with expertise in modeling, virtual design, and construction using AutoCAD/Revit, Navisworks, and Trimble. He specializes in compressor station construction, oil and gas, fabrication, pre-fabrication, and lean construction methodologies. Adam has over 6 years of experience as a VDC Manager, providing strategy, process, modeling, and coordination on projects. He has worked with project management, estimating, field personnel, project support, and business development to maintain professional relationships with designers, owners, subcontractors, and software developers. Currently, Adam is a VDC Project Manager at Miller Electric Company, where he provides financial analysis and projections for all VDC/fabrication and creates resource plans and future allocations based on project level information. He is also a member of the NECA Innovation Task Force, where he collaborates with peers across the electrical contracting industry to provide guidance on innovative solutions.

Thiago da Costa

CEO & Co-founder, Toric

Thiago da Costa is a entrepreneur best known for founding Lagoa, a cloud-based 3D visualization software acquired by Autodesk in 2014, and presently Toric, a cloud-based, no-code data analytics workspace that enables construction companies to interact with their design data and perform extensive analysis without code.His significant expertise in designing, building and launching products led to his success in raising venture capital and negotiating competitive M&As. With a propensity for identifying opportunities, the insight to identify a compelling vision, and an uncanny ability to empower teams that enable and inspire individuals, he has quickly become a leading authority in the AECO data analytics space, cultivating an impressive following of industry peers and partners.

Chad Braun

Data Analysis Strategist

Having been familiarized with construction from an early life in the family business, Chad graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Construction Management. From college he joined a nationwide specialty contractor, where he eventually worked his way up to a Project Manager/Estimator position. It didn’t take long for Chad to recognize the shortcomings of technology in construction, which eventually led him to make the jump to Autodesk, where he spent over 5 years as a Technical Solutions Executive helping customers on their construction journeys, specializing in multiple legacy tools and helping to optimize new ones. Chad recently made the jump to Toric after observing the very prevalent lack of standardized data and analytics that most of his customers were struggling with.