Install Toric in Procore

Install Toric in Procore


Using Toric in Procore only requires a few steps to get you started.

1. Install the App

2. Configure Projects Permissions

3. Manage or Add More Projects

Before you start

If you have multiple Procore accounts, you will need to Install Toric in each account. This means you will need to log into each account and follow steps 1 through 3.

Make sure you are working in one Procore account at a time. If you have multiple Procore accounts installed across browser windows, sign out of all accounts but one.

1. Install App

• Find the Toric application in the Procore marketplace.

Login and Install the app.

After installing the Toric app, Procore will show a dialog with the current permissions. The Toric app will be installed in your company's account, with the permission level described in the dialog's content.

• Click on the Install button to continue the installation.

2. Configure Projects Permissions

In the next steps, we will configure the project permissions levels. The following steps will allow the Toric connector to have its full functionality.

After exiting this screen, Procore will show an Add Permitted Projects dialog.

• Select the projects to use with Toric

3. Manage or Add More Projects

If you need to remove or add more projects, you can access the previous preference anytime via the App Management page or the Company Directory.

3.1. App Management Page

Within the App Management page:

1. Find Toric.

2. Click on the View button.

3. Go to the Permission tab.

4. Add one or more Projects in the dropdown selector. The project is set with default permissions Toric requests and provides a project selection dialog.

1. Find Toric

2. Click on the View button

3. Go to the Permission tab

Add one or more projects in the dropdown selector.

Note: The project is set with default permissions Toric requests and provides a project selection dialog.

4. Add one or more Projects in the dropdown selector.

3.2. Company Directory Page

This approach allows you to manage and add permissions for many projects at once.  This approach works best when managing more than 10 projects in the Users tab.

1.  Go to the Company Directory in the Company Tools dropdown.

2.  Type the Company name.  Search for Toricconnector in the search box.

3.  Click on the Edit button in one of the items in the search results.

4.  Scroll down to Project Settings.

1. Go to the Company Directory in the Company Tools dropdown.

2. Type the Company name.

And, search for Toricconnector in the search box.

3. Click on the Edit button in one of the items in the search results.

4. Scroll down to Project Settings right after.

Note: Check the second box to allow Toricconnector to access any new project added in Procore.

3.3. Global Permissions Templates

You’ll notice that there is no project permissions template for Toric Connector. You can use an existing template or create a new one for Toric.

1. Create Project Permissions Template

2. Use Project Permissions Template

1. Create Project Permissions Template

1.1. Navigate to the Company, Project Permissions Templates.

1.2. Select Create Project Permissions Template → Project (Global) - Assignable to All Projects

1.3. Enter the name of the permission template and confirm.

1.4. Configure permissions

To consistently provide Toric's full functionalities to your projects, you can create a template with the following permissions.  However, feel free to restrict or limit the permissions as needed by your corporate policy.

For most APIs, Toric requires read-only access.  Within Core Tools, Admin access is required for Toric to manage webhook registration. We recommend selecting the options as they appear below to update company or project data automatically.

Note: Only cases which deviate from the default have been expanded.

2. Use Project Permission Template

After saving the template, please return to the Company Directory and ToricConnector user and change the Default Template to one of the permission templates you created.

You can now add the ToricConnector to all projects with the correct permission template applied.

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