Setup Single-Sign-On Authentication

Single-Sign-On Authentication


Use Single-Sign-On (SSO) for added security on your Toric account. Read on to learn how you could set SSO for yourself and your team.

1. What is Single-Sign-On Authentication?

2. How To Use SSO?

1. What is Single-Sign-On Authentication?

Single-Sign-On (SSO) is a security feature that allows you to use another software's account to log into Toric. For example, you can use your Google account to log into Toric. SSO will allow you and your team to add a level of protection against unauthorized logins to your account.

Note:  You can only use one type of authentication method at a time. For example, with SSO enabled, you cannot log in with two-factor authentication.

2. How to Use SSO?

Single-Sign-On could be enforced at your organization level or you could choose it as a login option for yourself.

2.1 Individual member SSO

Navigate to the Toric login page and select the Continue with Google option.

2.2 Organization wide SSO

To enable SSO for your organization, login to Toric as and Admin and navigate to the Settings page. Click the Organization tab and click the toggle to enforce SSO for your entire organization.

After an organization-wide SSO is enabled, the next time your team tries to log in, they will be asked to do so using a valid SSO authentication.

Note: We currently support Google accounts for SSO.

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