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Select from Warehouse


Read data from a Toric warehouse, or an external warehouse of your choice.

1. Add Select From Warehouse in Your Dataflow

2. Select from Warehouse Options

1. Add Select Warehouse in Your Dataflow

Add Select from Warehouse to any node in your Dataflow. Select any node and use the Transform (+) button to open the list of options to select Select from Warehouse. You could work with the node in the Dataflow tab or use the Properties panel.

2. Select from Warehouse Options

Select from Warehouse is composed of three sections; select a warehouse, add query conditions, query limit and Run Query button.

2.1 Select Warehouse

Use the first dropdown to choose a warehouse.

2.2 Query Conditions

The second section lets you create filter conditions. Click the +Add Condition button to create one or multiple conditions; each will execute in the order they're added. Use the "x" button to the right of each condition to delete them.

Note: The options here work the same as in the Filter node.

2.2 Run Query

Before you run a query on your data warehouse, you may use the dropdown to set a limit on the number of rows you would like to return. When you're ready, click the Run Query button.

Note: A choosing a large limit (i.e., 1,000,000 records) may take more time to load.

Here is what it looks like to select RFI data from a BigQuery warehouse.

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