RegEx Extract

RegEx Extract


This article will cover how to use regular expressions (RegEx) to match and extract data.

1. Add RegEx Extract in Your Dataflow

2. RegEx Extract Options

1. Add RegEx Extract in Your Dataflow

Add RegEx Extract to any node in your Dataflow. Select any node and use the Transform (+) button to open the list of options to select RegEx Extract. You could work with the node in the Dataflow tab or use the Properties panel.

2. RegEx Extract Options

RegEx Extract node has four fields to help extract values from structured data. Read along to see how we extract the first five digits from sample data.

2.1 Select Column

The first dropdown lets you choose which data field you want to change.

2.2 Match Expression

The Match field is a textbox used to type a regular expression to find data with specific criteria.

Note: A column can only be used once (in a single operation row). Click on the Extract Another button to add a new RegEx condition.

2.3 Flags

The third field lets you choose from two RegEx flags.

Note: You may select either Global, Case Insensitive, or both.

2.4 New Column

The third option lets you type in a custom name for your extracted data.

Note: A new colum will be create for each regular expression.

Here's what the sample data looks like after our regular expression.

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