In-App Learning

In-App Learning

Learn about the tools to build a Dataflow - in a Dataflow. Let's take a look at how to find and open the Learn panel, and discover what goodies lie inside.

This article covers:

  • • Where Can I Find In-App Learning?
  • • Learn Content
  • • FAQ

Where Can I find In-App Learning

Login to Toric and open any Dataflow. You could activate the Learn panel in one of the following ways:

  1. Learn Button
  2. Node Toolbar

1. Learn Button

In a Dataflow, navigate to the top right and click on the Learn button (to the left of the Properties button). The Learn panel will open to the right of your screen.

Learn -Ribbon button

2. Node toolbar

Click on any node in your Dataflow to activate the node toolbar. Click the Learn option to open the Learn panel with the information about the selected node.

Learn -Node Toolbar

Learn Content

The Learn panel is split in two sections

  1. Learn
  2. Useful Links

1. Learn

  1. Get Started
  2. Nodes glossary
  3. What's New
  4. Report a Bug
  5. Shortcuts

1.1 Get Started

In this section, you will be redirected to our webpage which includes many basic training videos

1.2 Nodes Glossary

The Nodes Glossary contains a list of all the types of nodes that can be use to build a Dataflow. There is information about anything from a source node to each of the data Transformation nodes.

Clicking on a node will open a new page with information that is specific to the selected node. The Overview section give a brief summary about how the node works and the Related Nodes section lists out nodes that are similar.

1.3 What's New

Here you will find all product releases since the beginning of 2022. Clicking on a What's New will open the release notes for a specific week.

1.4 Report a bug

Clicking Report a bug open a form where you can submit a bug.

1.5 Shortcuts

Clicking Shortcuts will redirect you to a page that lists out and explains all the possible keyboard shortcuts when in a Dataflow.

2. Useful Links

Here you will find links to additional content on our website such as

  1. Templates. Link to our web page which contains Data App Templates built by Toric.
  2. Videos. Link to all the videos.
  3. Webinars. Link to all our webinars.
  4. Blog. Link to all our blogs posts.
  5. Help & Support. Link to all our support content.
  6. Contact us. List of all the ways to contact our team.


1. How can I request learning content?

Reach out 😀. We will be building our content constantly to make your experience the best possible. If you think something is missing or have suggestions to clarify existing content - write to us using the in App chat or at

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