Embed Toric in Procore

Embed Toric in Procore


Embedding Toric in Procore only requires a few steps to get you started.

1. Obtain Your Shared Viz ID

2. Install the Toric App in Procore

3. Configure Your Embedded App in Procore

4. View A Toric App in Procore

1. Obtain Your Toric Shared Viz ID

Login to Toric and open your desired Dataflow. After opening your Dataflow, navigate to the top right of your screen and locate the Share button.

Toric - Share Button

• Enable Shared link and copy the ID (see below). You will need this in step 3 to configure your embedded app in Procore.

Toric - Shared Viz ID

2. Install the Toric App

 • Login to Procore and Install the Toric app.

Procore - Install Toric App

3. Configure Your Embedded App In Procore

After installing the Toric app, Procore will show a dialog with Configuration Options.

• Click on the Projects dropdown to select one, or multiple projects in the list. This will add your Toric Shared Viz to each of the selected projects.

Procore - Embedded App Configuration

• Alternatively, you could select the Global Projects Config or Company Level Config options. The Global Projects option will display your embedded app on all active and new projects. The Company Level option will allow users to launch an App at the company level.

• Enter a Title and copy the ID of your Shared Viz (from step 1

Procore - Embedded App Configuration

• If you need to remove or add more projects, you can access your App(s) configurations via the App Management page.

Procore - App Options

• In App Management, page click the Edit button to open an App configuration.

Procore -App Management
Procore - App Confirguration

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