Configure the Primavera P6 (EPPM) connector

Configure the Primavera P6 (EPPM) connector

Connect to P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management by gathering the following information to pull your needed data.

1. Enter a unique configuration name

Your configuration name is important. When choosing a name, be precise to ensure you know what data and from where you are accessing throughout Toric.
For example: 


2. Have your P6 EPPM username and password ready

This is the same information used to configure the connector, please ensure that you have the correct permissions set up for your P6 account in order for you to access your data.

3. Finding your Server URL for P6 EPPM Cloud

3a. Login to your Oracle Primavera Portal and click on Web Service Instructions. 

3b. Copy the P6 EPPM Web Service URL of your organization. It should look like the following: where organization is your org name 

4. Enter your Database name

Your Database name is the database you want to connect to in P6 EPPM. This field is case sensitive, so please input the name in the same manner as listed within P6 EPPM. 

You should have now configured your connector, and be able to pull data from your P6 EPPM instance!