Configure Federal Reserve Economic Data Connector

Configure FRED Connector

Getting your data is easy with Toric’s integrations. Read on for a step-by-step guide to configuring a connector and accessing Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED).

This article covers:

  • • Search for Series ID
  • • Configure FRED in Toric
  • • Example FRED Connector Automation
  • • FAQ

Search for Series ID

Login to your Federal Reserve Economic Data account and search for a data set.

Setup time:  30 sec

Once you find the dataset you're interested in, copy the Series ID from the URL (example below).

Federal Reserve Economic Data - Series ID

Configure FRED in Toric

Login to Toric and follow these steps to setup a Federal Reserve Economic Data Connector:

  1. Enter a Configuration Name
  2. Paste Series ID
  3. Validate Your Configuration

Setup time: 30 sec

1. Enter a Configuration Name

Type a unique name for your FRED connector.

2. Paste Series ID

Paste your Series ID from step 1 from Search for Series ID.

3. Validate your Configuration

Use the Validate Configuration button to make sure all fields are completed correctly. Invalid fields will be highlighted in red, and a successful validation will show in green.

Click on Add Configuration to finalize the creation of your FRED Connector.

Example FRED Automation

Checkout this quick example of an automation with Federal reserve Economic Data. Learn more about other types of Automation actions in the article, Automations for Integrations.

Here's what Federal Reserve Economic Data data looks like in Toric.

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