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Append lets you stack multiple sources on top of each other.

1. Add Append in Your Dataflow

2. Append Options

1. Add Append in Your Dataflow

Add Append to any node in your Dataflow. Select any node and use the Transform (+) button to open the list of options to select Append. You could work with the node in the Dataflow tab or use the Properties panel.

Transform - Append

2. Append Options

  1. Inputs
  2. Output

2.1 Inputs

By default, the Append node has two input ports, A and B. Drag the output from another node to either A or B to connect it to Append.

Append Node

Note: Once you connect data to port B, an additional port; port C will be added and so forth.

Append Multiple

2.2 Output

The output will include data from all input sources. The example below shows the output when two of three table sources are appended.

In the example below, all three tables are appended together, resulting in the complete table on the right.

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