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Bypass the coding - standardize all your data analysis without engineering resources.

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Centralize and Automate Your Data Analysis

Data is everywhere and Toric's no-code data platform you can unlock your rich data sources easily and create synchronized reports with up to date data using automations and reusable data flows. Connect initiatives across your team to support real-time data driven decisions that can affect project performance and organizational profitability.

Access Your Data Source in Just a Few Clicks

Connect directly to your data sources including data warehouses, finance, BIM, project data, and more.

  • Avoid painful IT backlogs.
  • Keep up with changing software stacks.
  • Save time building data infrastructure.

Answer Questions Instantly with a Real-Time Interface

Easily track and edit your data. With Toric you can perform non destructive data transformation and build interactive reports without code.

  • Build reports while you perform your analysis.
  • See the differences between data sets instantly.
  • Create interactive reports for your stakeholders.

Avoid Rework & Automate Analysis

Build a dataflow, reuse it across projects, and automate deep changes. Repeat anything you've created in Toric.

  • Standardize projects and data transformations.
  • Re-run data flows on data changes or time based triggers.
  • Revise data flows to easily implement changes across reports.

Start Analysis from a Data App Template

Start from real-world templates that deliver the value you need, at a fraction of the time. Avoid building ad-hoc pipelines for your next project.


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