We added more options for chart personalization and improved the visual appearance of charts.

What Was Released This Week?

Here's a summary of the Group Interactions section, there are two properties:

  1. Chart Legend.
  2. Chart Color Gradients.
  3. Text Wrapping.

1. Chart Legend.

Customize your charts by showing or hiding labels, and change their position on a chart. Use the checkbox to show labels and use the dropdown to select a placement. You could choose from one of the following position on a chart:

  1. Top
  2. Bottom
  3. Left
  4. Right

Oh! You also have the option to choose a round or square shaped label.

One last small note, we moved the chart Interactions options to the Format tab. You can find it at the bottom of the list.

2. Chart Color Gradients.

Color gradients are an improvement the the visual appearance of charts. Instead of a solid color, the bars in a chart have a gradient which gives them a cleaner look and makes it easier on the eyes to read.

3. Text Wrapping.

We also slipped in an improvement to text wrapping. Now, as you change the width (horizontally) of charts and text fields in the Data App, text will wrap if there is not enough room to display on one line.

How Do I Access the Properties Panel?

Select any visualization in a Data App and click Properties on the toolbar. Alternatively, click the Properties button on the top right of your screen.