The final piece in chart interaction just in - 3D models. Cross-filtering the model viewer by selecting data in the viewer or any other chart.

How Do I Access the Properties Panel?

Select any visualization in a Data App and click Properties on the toolbar. Alternatively, click the Properties button on the top right of your screen.

Where Do I Set the Cross-Filtering Option?

Scroll to the Group Interactions section, there are two properties:

  1. Allow interactions.
  2. Choose data interaction behaviour.

1. Allow interactions

Click on the box to select this option. The Allow Interactions option will enable the selected chart to interact with data selected in other charts.

2. Choose data interaction behaviour.

Select the Cross-filtering option. Clicking on objects in the model viewer will filter the 3D model and all other charts based on the objects selected. Use CTRL + left click to choose more than one object.

Data Interaction - 3D Cross-filtering

By default, the Cross-highlight option is active on all charts. Clicking on data in a chart will highlight the data that matches the selection across all charts. It is possible to have a different data interaction behavior for each chart.