Formatting numbers in a table view is faster than ever. Choose thousands, millions, or how many decimals to keep - all in one easy place with the Properties panel.

New Format Values

Like with the Scorecard, choose a compact form like thousands or millions (i.e., 10k, $10M), or the how many decimal points to display.

Use the +Format Another button to select more columns. Each column you format can have its own unique format options.

How Do I Add a Table View?

Add a Table View to any node in your dataflow or Data App. In a Dataflow, select any node and use the Transform (+) button open the list of options and select Table View.

To add a Table to a Data App, drag and drop the output of a node to the Data App workspace. You could also drag and drop a node from the Overview panel into a Data App.

Where Can I Find Table Transform Properties?

Select a table in a Dataflow or a Data App to see the complete list of table transform properties. There are five transformation options in the Properties Panel under the Configuration section. If you do not see this, make sure the properties panel is open on the right.