As the name implies, get the exact Time Now.

This article covers:

  • • How Do I Add Time Now Node?
  • • Time Now Node Options
  • • FAQ

How Do I Add The Time Now Node?

Add Time Now to any node in your Dataflow. Select any node and use the Transform (+) button to open the list of options to select Time Now. You could work with the node in the Dataflow tab or use the Properties panel.

Time Now Node Options

The Time Now node includes three options to display the time at a given point in time.

  1. On refresh only. The time will update when you manually refresh the page.
  2. Every minute. The time will update every minute.
  3. Every second. The time will update every second.


1. How can I request a node?

Reach out 😀. To make a request, write to us using the in App chat or at

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