Create New Dataflows Faster With Our New UI Refresh

Creating a new dataflow is simpler with a refreshed UI. You could pick which workspace to start from or browser data apps from the Toric website.

How do you Create a Dataflow in the New UI? 

Go to any project and click the blue Create a Dataflow button. This will open a window with the latest layout showing two sections:

  1. Get Started
  2. By List

Basics: Get Started

This section opens by default and is located as the first section of the left of the window.

In this section, you could choose from 3 options:

New App:  Starts from a blank Data App.

New Flow:  Starts from a blank Dataflow.

New Transformation:  Starts from a blank Data Inspector.

1. New Data App Option.

The DataApp option is great to get a data source and start building  a data app right away. This works best when your data is already cleaned and formatted. If you still need to do some cleaning, you could use the blue Transform button to make more tweaks.

2. New Data Flow Option.

The Dataflow option is great for users that like to see the nodes in the graph as they transform their data.

3. New Transformation Option.

Finally, the New Transformation option is great to see your data while you transform it. Use the Transform button to add nodes like Breakout, Groupby and much more. With this view you see your data transforming in real time with each node you add.

By List: Browsing Data Apps

This section shows the Data App templates we've built by their respectful categories. Get started with a template for BIM Model Audit, Construction Finance, and much more.

At any time, you could use the search bar on the top to enter keywords.

If you can't find the templates you're looking for please reach out at, we would love to hear about your use case.