Enter Numerical Numbers Using Formulas in a Table

Generate table entries with more flexibility - use formula expressions to enter values in cells.

How Do I Add a Generate Table Node?

Add a Generate Table in your Dataflow. Click any of the Transform (+) buttons, open the list of options and select Generate Table. Note that you could work with the node in the Dataflow tab or open a separate tab to edit table values.

How Do I Enter Values Using Formulas?

Make sure to click on a record that belongs to a field with the number data type.

Then start typing your mathematical expression, for example:

  1. 5*5
  2. (5*5)^2

Note: You do not need to start the expression with an equals "=" sign.


Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions from Toric users just like you.

Can I reference another column in the table?

Not yet. We have this feature on our roadmap for Q3 of 2022.