Smart Select For Instant Data Picking

Smart select simplifies picking data from sources.

Where Do I Find Smart Select?

First add a source to your dataflow that is in JSON format and locate the gear icon. Click the gear icon to see the data selection options.

Selection Options - Smart Select

How Do I Use Smart Select?

There are 3 options for source data selection:

  1. Smart Selection - text input to search and select data.
  2. All - select all data from a source.
  3. Manual Selection - standard way of manually clicking to select data from a source.

1. Smart selection.

This option gives you a text box to enter key values to search and filter your source data.

For example, type "waL" in a Revit source and it will display all element names that include "waL". In this case, all objects that match are Curtain Walls,Face Walls, and Walls.

2. Select all.

As the title implies, the All option will pick everything that exists in a data source.

3. Manual data selection.

This is the default method of selecting data from a source. There is still the option to select all or none from the list of data.


Here's a list for Frequently Asked Questions from Toric users just like you.

What is Regex?

Regex, or Regular Expressions, is a way to search and filter data using a sequence in characters. A user can type in letters, numbers, or complete words to search for data.


What is JSON?

JSON stands for - JavaScript Object Notation. Toric uses this data format for a large majority of integrations.


Which integrations use the JSON format?

All but the Google Sheets integrations and local CSV and XLSX files. Here's a list of integrations that use the JSON format:

  1. Procore
  2. BIM 360
  3. Revit
  4. Navisworks
  5. ArchiCAD
  6. HubSpot
  7. Salesforce
  8. Quickbooks
  9. Microsoft Sharepoint
  10. Synchro 4D
  11. Primavera P6