Augment Your Data With New Columns

As the name implies, this node lets you add a column to your data.

How To Get the Add Column Node?

Add Column to any node in your Dataflow. Select any node and use the Transform (+) button to open the list of options to select Add Column. You could work with the node in the Dataflow tab or use the Properties panel.

How Do I Use Add Column?

The Add Column node is broken up into: 

  1. Select a data type for your new column.
  2. Rename the new column.

Check out this short tutorial on how Add Column is used.

1. Select a data type for your new column.

Using the left dropdown, select a data type for your new column. Select from the following list of data types:

  1. string - uses a text input for each tag.
  2. list - uses a list of comma-separated values. Only one list value could be selected.
  3. multiselect list - uses a list of comma-separated values. Multiple list values could be selected.
  4. percentage - numbers as a percentage.
  5. currency - numbers in the form of a currency.
  6. boolean - checkbox, which can be checked or unchecked.
  7. unit - represents a number as a unit of measure (i.e. mm or inches).
  8. date - formatted as year-mon-day (i.e. 2022-03-24).
  9. duration - time duration in seconds.

2. Rename the new column.

Use the text box to enter a new name for the resulting column.

How Do I Add, Re-Order, and Delete Calculations?

The +Add Constant button allows you to add as many calculations as you wish. You can use the drag bar on the left to re-order calculation upwards or downwards to the desired position.

Each field calculation you create will add a new column to the right of your data. You could also delete a field calculation by clicking on the "x" button to the right of the New Column Name.


In a new column, can I edit individual values in each record?

We will be adding the Data Tagging node in Q1, which will allow you to edit values based on a set of criteria. Stay tuned for Data Augmentation later this year, enabling users to input data from Data Apps.